We worry about what a child will be tomorrow, we forget that he is someone today

mini_muses: A place for child muses to speak their minds.

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A writing prompt community aimed at muses under the age of 18. A sister community to writers_muses.
Writer's Mini Muses has monthly writing prompts with many prompts to choose from. There are dialogue prompts, quote promts, random words and ideas, picture. mun, and ficlet prompts. It's our goal for monthly prompts to help you dig deeper into your characters and enable you to show us things that you might not have thought about before.

Zee Rules:

1. mini_muses is very similar to our parent community writers_muses, theatrical_muse and many other muse communities on LJ. However, it is in no way affiliated with TM but there are comms fine communities that we are affiliated with which are mentioned below.

2. This community is open to *all fandoms*. Muses can be Real Person muses , TV, movie, comic book fandoms, literature, historical characters, and especially OC’s are all acceptable. OC's belong solely to their respective creators accordant to all U.S., International and all other applicable copyright laws.

3, We cannot accept any muses from the works of Anne Rice and others such as Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton, and other properties that have expressly forbidden Fanfic for legal reasons. If you have any doubts about this, please write to the moderators.

4. This community is drama free. We don’t play favourites here. If you are in the community, that means that you were either invited here or you applied and were accepted. The first sign of any drama or furniture draping, no matter who is doing it, will be met with swiftly and surely. Your fellow writers are here to write. It is assumed that you are, too.

5. RP is definitely encouraged within fandoms and across fandoms and you may RP here or link to RP threads on your own pup’s journals.

6. We don't enforce activity checks, however if someone requests a taken muse, we might nudge you to see if you wish to continue your participation within the Community if you've been silent for a while.

RE: Muses

- To be accepted in this community, the muse you are writing must be under the age of 18. You may join with the journal of an adult muse as long as you include a description in your bio for the "child" you will be writing for in this community.

- You may apply for up to three (3) muses. If you are able to demonstrate being able to stay on top of your muses for a period of three months, you will be permitted to apply for others. It is up to the moderator’s discretion to see how many more you can have. The limit will be ten (10).

With our decision to go to an open Community, we have decided to allow duplicates so we will not be maintaining a Taken Muse list. We will still be manually approving memberships however simply as a means of keeping out Bots.

Regarding Posting

- Once a month, at least seven (7) prompts will be put up: including but not limited to, a phrase and/or question prompt, a picture prompt and a word prompt. You only need to answer one prompt, however if your muse decides they want to answer all of them, then go for it! We would love to see everyone answer at least one prompt per month. Note: If you cannot do this, don't sweat it. Tell the Mods. We want to work with you. The idea is to inspire people to write, not guilt them for not writing.

- Responses to the prompts must be a minimum of 150 words. There is no maximum word limit.

- You may have no more than two muses from the same fandom.

- If your muse decides to post for more than one prompt, all responses must be posted as separate posts.

- All ratings accepted. Any response that has the rating of R or NC-17 shall be behind a LJ cut and warnings such as work safe, etc will be posted. This is supposed to be fun. Anyone losing a job or causing trauma to minor children is not going to be having fun. Be considerate of your fellow community members.

- All prompts over 400 words in length must be placed under a cut. All pictures/graphics used in any responses must be placed under a cut, also.

- You must, with each response, clearly label in the subject heading the number of the prompt. Please post in your pup's journal and add to your memories in order to help the mods keep track of activity. You can add either the prompt that was posted in the Community itself or in the pup's journal. Either is acceptable. We do encourage RP in your own respective journals as a means by which to meet others and to establish character relationships and bonds within the community. However, RP matters are private between players and mods will not moderate them.

At the top of your post in the subject line please include:

The Prompt Set # and Sub Topic Number of letter and the title of your piece. Example:

63.1.G - Helpless

At the bottom of your post, please also include the following:

Word Count


This community is for writers. Our goal is to get people to be inspired enough to show up at the page through their various muses. We do our best to facillitate that process. If you are someone who is truly longing for the cliquish drama of your heady junior high or high school years and that is what lights your Roman candle, then we strongly suggest that you go seek such fulfilment elsewhere. The tolerance level for such childish behaviour here is permanently set to ZERO.


Please send a message to: notyourdannyboy with the following:

Muse Name:
Mun Name:
Link to Muse Journal:
Link to Mun's Journal:
Other Muses in MM, WM and other communities in which they may have appeared. Please Note: You MUST provide a link to an actual mun journal. The Moderators reserve the right to reject any muse for any reason deemed appropriate.

BE SURE TO HIT "JOIN" AT THE TOP OF THE PROFILE PAGE! Ideally getting the join and the application process at the same time would be wonderful.

Our OOC community is writers_fen which is open to members and non-members of mini_muses and writers_muses.

And now for the not-so-fine print....


We the Mods of writers_muses and mini_muses have laid out the rules in these comm's so that there would be NO drama. This is not offered as an option. It is an absolute set-in-stone requisite. The other such requisite is the mutual and respectful dialogue between our members.

In the unlikely event that an issue comes up that needs intervention by the moderators, we will do our best to do our jobs as mods and make sure that this community remains safe space. If ANYONE (and I do mean anyone) attempts to compromise that safe space or drag it into their personal squabbles, then all involved and all of their respective muses will be removed from this community. It does not matter who you are, what awards you have won, how long you have been on LJ or RPing or writing, or whether or not you are a personal friend of any of the moderators; respect and adult behaviour are the expectation. Everyone will live up to that expectation. This edict is absolutely non-negotiable.

Please do not send personal dialogues or diatribes to the moderators about someone you have an issue with. Logs can be doctored, emails can be faked. Asking us to delete someone based on things that happen off this community is not going to happen. We are not here to tell you how to live your OOC lives or even dictate the lives of your muses or to judge you or your work. However, if you have a personal gripe against someone, we do ask that you have the common decency to be tactful rather than confrontational. Anything else can be construed as provocation and really does nothing to help the situation.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please address them to the mods.


Some of our affiliate communities. LJ has a bunch of wondeful muse-centric communities here are some of the ones that we have linked up with to help make your writing and RPing fun even better! If you would like to have your community added, just contact the mods.

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